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Embracing Authentic Beauty:
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Welcome to Scottsdale Skin and Holistic Health, where expertise meets compassion, and beauty intertwines with well-being. At the helm of our renowned establishment is Stefanie Maass, PhD., ENP-C, FNP-C, FAARM, MEP-C – a seasoned professional with 20 years in the aesthetics industry and 25 years in healthcare.
Botox Injection Training Instructor - Stefanie Maass


Years Experience in Aesthetics Industry


Meet Stefanie Maass

As the owner, operator, and Medical Director of Scottsdale Skin and Holistic Health, Stefanie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the forefront. Her impressive credentials include a doctorate in Natural Health and Nutrition, certifications as an Emergency Medicine Nurse Practitioner (ENP-C), Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C), and a Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine through A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine).

Beyond her medical expertise, Stefanie is a Certified Spiritual Guide and an Ordained Minister, showcasing a holistic approach to healthcare that extends beyond the physical realm. Her commitment to continuous education is evident, with ongoing exploration of emerging techniques and products to enhance the services offered at Scottsdale Skin and Holistic Health.


A Teacher and Practitioner

Stefanie’s dedication to education extends beyond her own clinic. With comprehensive training in all cosmetic procedures, from minimally invasive to minor surgical, she has become a trusted instructor, sharing her knowledge in cosmetic injection across the United States and Canada. This commitment to teaching reflects Stefanie’s passion for empowering others in the field.


Balancing Beauty and Well-Being

Stefanie’s driving force has always been to help others find balance, whether focusing on inner health, outer beauty, or the delicate interplay between the two. Her mission is to help patients feel more beautiful, healthy, and confident, transcending traditional healthcare boundaries.

Even with her impressive degrees and accomplishments, Stefanie remains grounded and committed to self-improvement. When not working in her own clinic, she dedicates her time to serving patients in the emergency department or urgent care settings, showcasing her unwavering commitment to the well-being of the community.


Life Beyond Medicine

Away from the world of medicine, teaching, and continuous learning, Stefanie finds joy in her family. Her husband, Eric (Co-owner and practice manager), and two children, Otto and Ivi, form the center of her universe. Additionally, Stefanie indulges in her love for riding and jumping her Gypsy horses, embracing a well-rounded lifestyle that mirrors the holistic philosophy of Scottsdale Skin and Holistic Health.

Discover the intersection of expertise and care at Scottsdale Skin and Holistic Health, where Stefanie Maass leads a team dedicated to your beauty, health, and overall well-being.